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OBMC Highlights of SY 2013-2014

OBMC Choir sings with ABBAMANIA
OBMC Choir sings with ABBAMANIA

Resounding  success of "O Bayang Mahal"

Resounding success of "O Bayang Mahal"

"O Bayang Mahal", O.B. Montessori's most recent musical spectacle met with resounding success during its staging last September 6, 2013 at the Maria Montessori Hall in Greenhills, San Juan. Directed by Palanca awardee for Literature and Playwright Floy Quintos, with musical direction by OBMC alumnus Paulo Zarate, the cast of 400 students was also supported by the Philippine Opera Company and the Ramon Obusan Flokloric Group. Excerpts from the show were shown in the school's Christmas presentation at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza last December 2013.

Marangal  Class of 2014 salutes OBMC founder

Marangal Class of 2014 salutes OBMC founder

February 28, 2014 was the culmination of a four-year leadership training program for the Marangal Class of 2014. Cadet 1st Class Eunice Tomas led the 150-strong battalion in the Testimonial Parade & Review to honor O.B. Montessori's Founder and President, Dr. Preciosa S. Soliven. Retired Police Director Lina Sarmiento graced this year's CAT graduation rites as the keynote speaker.

Topping  Off Ceremony @ OBMC Fairview

Topping Off Ceremony @ OBMC Fairview

On the 18th of September 2013, OBMC Fairview held the topping off ceremony to signify the completion of structural work for Phase II construction. The event was attended by OBMC Founder Dr. Preciosa S. Soliven, OBMC COO Ms. Sara Soliven-De Guzman, Arch. Sheiula Marie Oberes, Arch. Jose Antonio Aviles, EGI President Engr. Eulalio Ganzon, EGI SVO-CSD Head Engr. Primicias Bordones, OBMC line managers and Fairview branch teachers.

Casa  Community Walk/ Field Trip

Casa Community Walk/ Field Trip

Getting acquainted with the neighborhood is a fun learning experience of O.B. Montessori Casa students. In August 2013, the Greenhills Casa students visited the nearby post office, police station, East West Bank, Mercury Drugstore, National Bookstore, Bread Talk and Jollibee. The Sta. Ana children had an enjoyable community ride to Savemore, Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, Shakey's and Jollibee. Las Piñas children visited the barangay hall, fire station, police station, Robinson's Supermarket and the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish church. In Fairview, the students went to the barangay hall, fire station, police station and the public library. Angeles branch had an interesting day at the city library, police station, and spent a quiet moment at the Holy Rosary Parish church. A field trip to Avilon zoo capped the year's out-of-school activities for Casa children.

Indo-Thai  for Formal Dining 2014

Indo-Thai for Formal Dining 2014

Indo-Thai was the dominant theme for this year's Formal dining activity of the high school Juniors and the Grade 6 students who experienced their first formal dining event. This was held last February 11 and 12 across all of the five OBMC branches. In this event, the third year students showcased the skills they learned in their T.L.E. classes: menu planning, food preparation, event hosting, waitering, and bartending. The Grade 6 students, on the other hand, exhibited proper grooming, dressing up for a formal occasion, dining etiquette and the social graces they learned in their Home Arts class.

Project  Kaibigan and IC @ Solar TV

Project Kaibigan and IC @ Solar TV

Project Kaibigan and Istituto Culinario were featured successively last December 18 & 19, 2013 in the morning show of Solar TV. This school year's Project Kaibigan was held at the Pagsasarili Preschool in West Crame, the recipient site for 2013's annual gift-giving. The celebration was made more significant with the participation of San Juan mayor, Hon. Guia Gomez, who joined Dr. Preciosa S. Soliven and the high school CAT officers as they hosted the combined Family Day program and Christmas party.

Wishing to feature the Christmas preparations being done by culinary schools, Solar TV chose to spend a festive daybreak at Istituto Culinario. Under the able baton of Chef Jerome Valencia, IC orchestrated a holiday spread that illustrated how different cultures have influenced the way Filipinos celebrate Christmas.

Trick  or Treat

Trick or Treat

Costumes, candies, and chocolates - the children loved them all! The Casa Trick or Treat activity was a wonderful experience for everybody. With a theme of Barbie, the Casa teachers prepared the faculty room and the classrooms with colorful decorations, and all dressed to look like Barbie. The children came in their best costumes as princesses, princes, heroes, fairies and other familiar storybook characters. They were treated to games and giveaways as they visited the different offices. The students entered the sweet pink and white world of Hello Kitty, met Mickey Mouse and friends, and the Minions of Despicable Me. Then they stepped into Toy Story, marveled at Lightning McQueen in Cars, walked through the garden of Disney fairytales and into the Hall of Justice to meet the Justice League heroes. More candies and treat were given out by Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in tangled, Harry Potter, Jasmin and Friends at A Whole New World, Pirates of the Carribean and Willy Wonka with the Oompa Loompas in the Chocolate Factory.

Hitting  the point @Public Speaking Festival 2013-2014

Hitting the point @Public Speaking Festival 2013-2014

Armed with wit and talent, the seniors awed their invited judges and audiences last November 19-22, as they tackled varied topics from patriotism to morality with great fervor, drawing their choice pieces from the wide collection of Mrs. Mercedes Soliven-David, OBMC's eloquent speech consultant for more than 25 years and who remains a formidable force behind the activity.

Bivouac  2013-2014

Bivouac 2013-2014

The senior cadets and the grade 6 scouts held their annual joint camp-out activity last December 9 to 13. Twelve activities, each worth 10 points, were waiting for the campers. At the onset, squads were organized to have an equal balance of cadets to provide the leadership, and scouts who had to be at their best behavior and follow instructions. The activities were varied, challenging their physical and mental endurance: scale up an artificial wall using rock holds; flip a tractor tire up and down rough terrain; zipline down a 50-foot cable, rappel off a 30-foot cliff, traverse through treetops using a two-rope and three-rope bridge, walk over a "minefield" blindfolded while listening intently to instructions barked by the squad leader, "rescue and evac" squad mates using the barest of implements, navigate around using grid coordinates and a scaled-down map, identify flora and fauna within the farm, "decontaminate" toxic balls, strategize on how to shoot marbles in a bucket using 12-inch pvc pipes and construct an aerodynamic paper plane that should fly at least 5 meters.

Christmas  Mission @ Palan, Zambales

Christmas Mission @ Palan, Zambales

Last November 30, 2013, Bonifacio Day, a group of OBMC personnel, students, parents and friends went up to the Mt. Pinatubo Hidden Temple Shrine to bring early Christmas cheers to the "kulots" and "unats" of San Marcelino, Zambales. The day's event began with a mass and ended with a reenactment of the Nativity scene. The cast was chosen among the people in the community. Personal hygiene exercises; bathing the baby, washing the hands properly and valuable medical and dental assistance were given to the "kulots" and "unats".

OBMC  Volleybelles triumph on all fronts

OBMC Volleybelles triumph on all fronts

The OB Montessori Volleyball Varsity Teams from Angeles, Greenhills and Las Piñas romped away with victories in separate tournaments throughout the year. Team Angeles brought home the gold from the Interscholastic Sports Association Volleyball Tournament held last October 2013. Team Greenhills joined forces with their counterparts from Immaculate Concepcion Academy to form San Juan Volleyball team. The Las Piñas spikers managed to dominate and ran away with a 3-0 sweep to wrestle away the crown held previously by their sister team the Greenhills volleybelles in the annual inter-branch competition held last November 2013.

JS  Prom 2014

JS Prom 2014

Prom Princes and Princesses: Therese Melliza & Gabriel Rodriguez (GH), Mary Elaine Timbol & Antonio Victor Valdez (AN), Ivannah Flores & Barrister Nolasco (LP), and Kirsten Sigrist & Jose Mico Mendiola (SA)

Prom Kings and Queens: Isabella Thurman & Iñigo del Rosario (GH), Michaela Mirador & Augusto Eugenio Aguajar (LP), Ann Margaret Ching & Gabriel Iñigo Yabut (SA) and Abby Concepcion & Pio Angelo Ocampo (AN).

Service  Awards 2013

Service Awards 2013

Eloisa Tejada (40 yrs.), Catalino Tabaldo (40 yrs.), Debbie Marie Apiado & Maria Consebido (25 yrs.), Katherine Chua, Liezl Espinosa and Fermina Santiago (20 yrs.), Cristina Barba, Gina Jose, Golda Meir Mediante, Steven Iñigo, Annalyn Ricafort, Delia Santos and Audrey Paras (15 yrs.), Joanne Sarmiento, Christy Morales, Mary Ann Veleso, Jaimee Chanco, Diamond Ramos and Karelynn Lumboy (10 yrs.).
Service Personnel: Winefreda Tabaldo (30 yrs.), Avelino Tenolete, Edna Flores, Salvador Mendoza and Dondon Suizo ( 15 yrs.)

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